Swedish phrases
A collection of the most common phrases in Swedish
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New in Sweden, introductions
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Greetings and wishes
Do you understand?
At the table
On the phone
Making small talk
Transport and directions
Approval, affirmation, compliments
Disapproval and dislikes
Shopping, post office
Doctor and emergency
Suggestions and requests
Short answers (Yes, I do/ No, I don't)
House and home
Job, hobbies, interests
Making plans
Holiday and travel
Work and corporate
Romantic interest
Thoughts and opinions
Making promises
Politics and issues
Apologies and remorse
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Strong language
Going out
General questions
General statements
Idiomatic expressions and sayings
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Numbers and fractions
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What time is it?
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Days and months
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Common first names
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Common last names
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Famous Swedes

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