Lesson 1: Pronunciation
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Note about phonetic descriptions

Pronunciation of certain sounds: a
long a, similar to the a in English far [ɑː]
en dag da:g a day
en far fa:r a father
en stad sta:d a city, town
vad va:d what
var va:r where
short a, similar to English Ah! [a]
han han he
kan kan can (i.e. be able to)
en katt kat a cat
man man man
faktiskt fakt-is(k)t actually, in fact (In speech, the k is often left out in -iskt)
Some words with both:
bara ba:r-a only, just
en fara fa:r-a (a) danger
en haka ha:k-a a chin
Sara sa:r-a Sara (name)
att förklara för-kla:r-a to explain
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