Introduction to Swedish
You might have heard that Swedish is hard to learn, but that's just because it has some unusual sounds that English speakers aren't familiar with. The grammar has many similarities to that of English, which technically makes it one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn.

Here are some Swedish sentences that have been deliberately constructed to resemble English (Swedish sentences are not generally this simple). Try to guess how they are pronounced.

Click on the play button to hear their pronunciation (they are slowed down a bit here).

Det är min katt That is my cat
Min katt är brun My cat is brown
Peter är glad för sitt nya jobb Peter is happy about his new job
Vad är din adress? What is your address?
Vad är ditt telefonnummer? What is your phone number?
Johns assistent är väldigt attraktiv John's assistant is very attractive
Det är inga problem It is no problem

You'll immediately notice the strange sounds used in the Swedish language. But not to worry: this course will guide you through the intricacies of both the language structure and the pronunciation.

You will be able to click on a play button to hear the authentic pronunciation, as well as a second play button to hear the slow version.

Here's an example: Varifrån kommer du? Where are you from?

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