Adverbs of place
Some adverbs of place have 2 forms
Short (movement from one place to another) Long (no movement)
Jag ska hem (I'm going home) Han är hemma (He is [at] home)
Ska vi åka in till stan? (Shall we go [in] to town?) Hon gömmer sig inne i skåpet (She is hiding in the cupboard)
Ska vi ut och äta? (Shal we go out to eat?) Är katten ute? (Is the cat out?)
Apan klättrar upp i trädet (The monkey is climbing up the tree) Apan sitter uppe i trädet (The monkey is sitting up in the tree)
Kom ner! (Come down!) Den är nere i källaren (It's down in the basement)
De åker bort i helgen (They're going away (movement) this weekend) De kommer vara borta i helgen (They will be away (static location)this weekend)
Han sprang in i huset (He ran into the house) Han sprang inne i huset (He was running in[side] the house)

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