1. Add are, ast to the basic form
glad gladare gladast happy, happier, happiest
god godare godast good (of taste), better, best
Most adjectives work this way
Consonant doubling: Adjectives that end in a short stressed vowel + consonant
dum dummare dummast dumb, dumber, dumbest
Adjectives ending in en, el and er: Drop the e first
mogen mognare mognast ripe, riper, ripest
dunkel dunklare dunklast dim, dimmer, dimmest
bitter bittrare bittrast shabby, shabbier, shabbiest
Adjectives ending in (l)ig and sam
rolig roligare roligast funny, funnier, funniest
långsam långsammare långsammast slow, slower, slowest
2. Add (a)re, (a)st, but basic form is modified
ung yngre yngst young, younger, youngest
stor större störst big, bigger, biggest
lång längre längst long, longer, longest
färre färst few, fewer, fewest
These are the only four adjectives of their kind
3. Use mer, mest with the basic form
Most present participles, past participles and longer adjectives
spännande mer spännande mest spännande exciting, more exciting, most exciting
utmattad mer utmattad mest utmattad exhausted, more exhausted, most exhausted
All adjectives ending in (a)d
avslappnad mer avslappnad mest avslappnad relaxed, more relaxed, most relaxed
bekymrad mer bekymrad mest bekymrad worried, more worried, most worried
rädd mer rädd mest rädd afraid, more afraid, most afraid
Adjectives ending in isk
fantastisk mer fantastisk mest fantastisk fantastic, more fantastic, most fantastic
typisk mer typisk mest typisk typical, more typical, most typical
Some adjectives ending in en
vuxen mer voksen mest voksen grownup, more grownup, most grownup
svullen mer svullen mest svullen swollen, more swollen, most swollen
Some adjectives ending in unstressed a, and short adjectives ending in a vowel
stilla mer stilla mest stilla peaceful, more peaceful, most peaceful
nykter mer nykter mest nykter sober, more sober, most sober
4. Irregular comparison
dålig sämre sämst bad, worse, worst
illa värre värst poor (of a situation), poorer, poorest
gammel äldre äldst old, older, oldest
god, bra bättre bäst good, better, best
lite mindre minst a little, less, least
liten mindre minst small, smaller, smallest
många flera flest many, more, most (countable)
mycket mer mest much, more, most (noncount)
Irregular adjectives
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